Greta Cozzolino’s Pretty Rock and Roll!

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Tex Hollywood - November 20, 2020

This is a shoot of a model named Greta Cozzolino, who I found on Instagram HERE .

In this shoot sh'es looking pretty hip with those rock and roll tats and haircut, those bangs remind me of an 80s Glam Rock show, but her outfits remind me of hip and cool streetwear enthusiasts, because things aren't black and white anymore, all things are grey area and blurred. You can be a Goth into Heavy Metal while wearing limited edition sneakers and loving Ariana Grande or something similar.

I am not sure what country this model is from but after googling the flag in her IG bio, I see she's from Argentina. The land of great steaks and I guess great women!

My favorite thing about this shoot, the frontal wedgie! Hello! But she's also posing in various bikinis looking awesome! Goodbye.


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