Haley Kalil Says No to Panties!

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Echo Lawrence - January 12, 2021

Haley Kalil is a Sports Illustrated Swim model, at least that is her claim to fame, I am sure she's much more than just a Sports Illustrated Swim model, her existence cannot just be defined as that, maybe that's just a good marketing hook for brand deals and egos, but I'd argue that being a Sports Illustrated Swim model is almost insignificant in this era of everyone being a bikini model on instagram, but maybe there's still that ounce of "stamp of approval" that makes one bikini money seem more legitimate than others, but I think all bikini models, including non-models just posting bikini selfies are awesome. There aren't really levels to that game anymore. Social Media killed the idea of a bikini model hierarchy. I'm sure many million+ followed bikini girls of instagram don't even care to be in Sports Illustrated because they don't need that stamp of approval. But that's a whole other conversation that would require some journalism which sounds like too much effort to me.

I will say that Haley is also a college grad, with a Science degree, she's a NFL player's wife, she's a redhead, she's got 355k followers and she's getting more and more famous, and rightfully so, because she looks good in her pics!

This is what she posted on New Years:

The gallery below is another hot shoot where she's basically pantsless. Making the right moves from where I'm sitting!


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