Haley Kalil Up Against The Wall!

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Echo Lawrence - January 4, 2021

Haley Kalil is back with another set of banging booty pics to ring in the new year and don't we just love when that happens? The Sports Illustrated model teamed up with photographer Derek Kettela to shoot some topless shots that have her pushed up against the wall, showing off a pair of Victoria's Secret panties.

The 28 year old self described nerd shared the topless images on her Instagram along with a New Years message to her fans, including the hostage #MyBodyMyBusiness, respectfully, her body is our business now!

"Cheers to 2021... a new year where women can do whatever the hell they please with their own bodies!!! because a woman does not need to be modest to garner respect. #MyBodyMyBusiness"

See more of her recent work in the gallery below!


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