Haley-Marie Coppin Swimming Pool Stripdown Topless

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bill-swift - December 7, 2016

Every now and then you need a little Coppin in your life. One unadulterated adulterated blonde sextastic model who takes pride in her striptease for the cameras. From wearing not much to wearing nothing and arching her back like a yoga pro, Haley-Marie Coppin defines the term simple goodness. Or is that complex tingles. Perhaps both at the same time.

In her latest clothed to naked guise, Haley-Marie moves in and out of one lucky swimming pool, covering herself in baby oil and water to expose her full teats and sweet passion inducing. When she gets fully naked and making moves like perhaps she wants to make a next generation of Swifts, it's time to hide the eyes of the children. Let them figure this out in their own due course. I'm still learning myself. Haley is certainly a good teacher. Let erect nipples be our guidepost. It's time for some wet and topless schooling, Coppin style. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Hayley's Secrets