Halle Berry Posts Nippley See-Through Instagram Peek

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brian-mcgee - January 16, 2019

Women be pushing the boundaries on Instagram lately. First there was Amber Rose's epic T&A breaking of the internet, and now Halle Berry is posting this nippley video where she sports a pair of pokies in a wet tank top! I don't think this will quite break the internet, but it certainly breaks Instagram's notoriously stodgy terms of service.

Halle Berry is proof positive of the old saying "black don't crack," because she looks every bit as good as she did when she was making X-Men movies. Hell, she might even look better now. She definitely looks better without that silver wig on and not spouting out stupid bromides about what happens to toads when they get struck by lightning.

Anyways, I wish I was dancing in the rain with Halle Berry right now instead of sitting here writing copy that no one's going to read. Hell, the rest of my department is laughing it up in a meeting right now that I wasn't invited to. Ah well, screw them, because they weren't invited to mine and Halle's dance party, and they certainly won't be invited to the party in my pants. Halle's definitely invited though, provided she has literally nothing else better to do.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Mr. SkinĀ