Harry Amelia More Topless Big Brother Peeks for the Love of Leers

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bill-swift - July 21, 2015

According to all of my best British friends, Ian, Harry Amelia is the only Big Brother U.K. contestant to flash her mams on the show this season, making her not only the emotional rooting interest for the show, but probably the only excuse I'd accept from somebody as to why they were watching Big Brother. I will never look down upon a responses of 'but so-and-so was topless a lot'. That's the entire reason for being for Cinemax and going to lesbionic parties on campus.

Harry Amelia may not be the most stunning model portrayed in these here parts, but she's bold and she's daring and she's not particularly shy about strutting, bathing, and conversing quite in the buff. That makes her a model citizen in any house, be it Big Brother's or your own humble abode. Things never said by a man ever to a woman with a nice set of hooters 'could you please make put your top back on?'. I'd at least like to imagine it's been never. Well, played, Harry. Change that name and we could have something beautiful together. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Big Brother UK" Channel 5