Hayley Marie Coppin And One Lucky Chair

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bill-swift - September 18, 2015

Oh, Hayley Marie Coppin, how I miss you so when you are gone for but weeks or let alone months from my prurient gaze. Upon your return comes your eminently lust inducing female form and a striptease show involving a plastic chair that is living the life that I want for myself. Does it even understand the wondrous luck it has found as a chair? I think not.

Hayley Marie movies her naked body so effortless in various preens, seats, and poses that you have to think she spends a good deal of her time without clothes on in the mirror practicing. If she were in my humble abode, I would cover all my walls and ceilings with mirrors to enhance her practice and to induce vertigo that might cause her to fall naked into my bed. We all have our courtship strategies. Damn you, lucky bastard chair! That should be me. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Hayley's Secrets

Hayley Marie in chains? Okay, I'll take that to go please.