Heidi Klum is Terrifying and Topless!

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Echo Lawrence - October 5, 2020

The Queen of Halloween herself, Heidi Klum is ready to start spooking! The model took a quick video while sunbathing this weekend, of course she was topless because she's European, remember!? Because it's already October and Vanessa Hudgens has been coming for Heidi's spot, Heidi didn't just shoot a sexy topless tanning video, she scared the hell out of us with the demonic filter on her face, if you even looked there. If you didn't look away from her perky breasts, you already noticed the nip slip.

The Queen of Halloween is getting into the spooky mood, but she's also getting ready for winter. Here is a new photo of Heidi laying out nude under a big yellow puffer jacket by Moschino!


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