Hitting the Bowling Alley!

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Tex Hollywood - September 24, 2020

I love cool locations for photoshoots. I don't want to say I am bored of the in apartment, in bedroom, in bathroom vibe a lot of these "instagram" style photoshoots take place in, because I am all for supporting creative people getting out there and producing hot content. It just gets repetitive.

So when I see something like a bowling alley and arcade that hasn't been updated in 40 years, there's a lot more to the shoot. Sure, that's just a matter of opinion, but if you've ever seen a movie that has amazing production design, you'll know that it does make an actual difference.

Not to mention, bowling in a time like COVID, is not really something for the faint of heart. Most people fear the Alley and putting their hands in sticky bowling balls, so this is a nice "live vicariously through Australian babes as they bowl in wild outfits". It keeps things interesting.

So here's a fun shoot to start the day off right!

Models are: MIA ELNEKAVE

Photographer: ANDIE WHEELER

Story via Sticks and Stones


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