Holly Horne Topless With Cash and Pizza

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bill-swift - May 19, 2017

Why is Holly Horne topless in a bathtub covered in cash and eating pizza? That's for me not to know and you to never find out. Or maybe you can. Just don't go digging so much that the hot blonde in the tub gets spooked and runs off. That's the story of my life.

In this Haris Nukem shoot, the London bred hottie thespianic Holly Horne takes to the top sans top, but with plenty of cash and grub. As it turns out, I could use all three of those, in the specific order of Holly, money, and pizza. The trifecta of a perfect afternoon slash next ten years. Holly, that body is downright killer. I'm not asking where the money came from when I'm lending my soul's entirety to imaging the suppleness of your funbags. As for the pizza, that's how I take mine. Off the rack. What a lovely bit of combined lusts. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Haris Nukem