Hot Runway Model Grace Hartzel Topless

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michael-garcia - October 13, 2016

Professional hot person Grace Hartzel gets completely naked in this eye-popping spread in Document Journal No. 9. She starts out just topless, though that would normally be enough. Grace has a particularly nice set of perkies that look like the kind of taste treats you want to take out for a party. You know, to introduce them to all your friends so they are jealous. But the fun doesn't stop above the waist. We also get a peek at the foliage above the gates of her garden of Earthly delights. She's got the full on 70's thing going and I like that. I wish more girls would go au naturale. I think it's kinds hot. But let's not forget about that perfectly round booty she's sporting. I would like to wear it as a hat.

Take the sum of all these parts and add a pretty face and you've got one hell of a package. That's a package I want delivered overnight. 


Photo Credit: Document Journal No. 9