Hottie Dea Ishtar Is As Flexible As It Gets

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aldo-vallon - March 17, 2018

I was so proud when I was finally able to touch my toes, and now I am ashamed to admit even that. Dea Ishtar really knows how to make a man feel inferior, and I do not even have my pants off yet. I hope there is some sort of Olympics for adult entertainment so that Dea can put her skills to use.

How does one even get to the level of being able to do the splits while standing up? Were her parents training her to become a ninja assassin? If they were then I can only imagine the disappointment that they must feel when they think about her chosen field of employment. But hey, at least she is putting the skills to use. I, on the other hand, have not touched a piano in ten years, so that was a tremendous waste of money and time on my parents’ part.

My dad would have been better off taking all of that money to a roulette table and betting it all on red. I know that it is customary to put it all on black, but that is why most people lose. I, however, am not a sucker like all of them.


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