Hungarian Beauty Bori Kreutz Nude with Comic Books

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brian-mcgee - September 14, 2017

While I'm confident in asserting that Hungarian beauty Bori Kreutz (aka BK) has probably never read a comic book in her life, this photo spread of her leafing through some priceless old comics is the stuff of nerdy wet dreams. Any nerd worth his salt would like get angry with her for removing them from their bags and boards, but I'm a weak-willed man. I'd take one look at that bare ass of hers and it would all be over.

Bori and I have something in common, as I have some Hungarian blood running through my veins as well. I know, it seems almost clandestine, what with the comic books and the paprika-heavy cuisine. It probably wasn't meant to be, though, as I'm merely a nerd and she's a goddess.

I do wonder what she thought of Ka-Zar, though. It's one of the lesser Stan Lee/Jack Kirby collaborations. Kirby would more or less perfect the character with Kamandi once he jumped over to DC, but... see there I go again. Man, what I wouldn't do for a minute alone with Bori... and her comic collection.

Photo Credit: Roberto Vivancos