Ipad Isolation Photoshoot!

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Tex Hollywood - May 8, 2020

I appreciate that models and photographers are coming together in these times in creative ways.

Like this shoot that was conducted over facetime, in what seems to be, a photographer shooting pics of a girl posing in various poses. Conceptually, interesting sure.

Then they turn it black and white to make it officially art.

But I am tired of the watching people's screens!

When really, they should just get the hazmat suits on and make an actual photoshoot. If you are a model or entertainer, I think you should risk the COVID, to make shoots the way we always had, even if you need to quarantine 14 days before said shoot, because the whole watching zooms, facetimes, etc is the worst.

I will say this model and photographer are making the best of it and you can follow her on IG Here.


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