Ireland Baldwin Bikini Try On!

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Echo Lawrence - June 15, 2020

Ireland Baldwin is finally getting her time to shine and deservingly so! The celebrity daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger was early to instagram. She really brought the goods when she was a little less edgy, a little less tattooed, and a lot more "cute on the beach".

She was put on the back burner because her cousin decided to take the same tactic, only her cousin befriended the Hadids and the Jenners and become the third wrung on the influencer ladder of relevance. Getting the deals the other two priced out on, while Ireland sat around saying "But I'm actually 6 foot, built to model, my dad is actually the famous Baldwin and my mom isn't some random Brazilian but Kim Freaking Bassinger

Point being, while Hailey Baldwin is on some married to Bieber distraction, Ireland is starting to rise to the top!


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