Ireland Baldwin Nipple Hint In A Slightly See-Through White T-Shirt

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aldo-vallon - January 29, 2019

It takes a certain kind of pretty to be able to wear a see-through white shirt without looking trashy, and obviously Ireland Baldwin is that kind. Don’t believe me? Try going to 7-11 on a Saturday night anytime after 10 O’Clock. It doesn’t really matter what town you go to, the people are all the same.

There will be half a dozen women fitting the bill, wearing a “white” shirt that is no longer thick enough to conceal her tattoos, and none of them will be of a high enough caliber to be considered bone-able. At least not while you’re sober.

I’m curious to know what that boobie pocket is on the front of the shirt. I have seen pockets on t-shirts before, but never on a v-neck, and never placed so low. It is practically a papoose at that point. No one needs to carry their pens on their abdomen. If you were to bend over you’d end up piercing your nipple. Granted, that would be an easy way to do it if you were too scared to go to a shop, but you’d hardly be able to make the second piercing look symmetrical.





Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA