Ireland Baldwin’s Braless Selfie!

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Tex Hollywood - November 6, 2020

Ireland Baldwin is Alex Baldwin's most prized creation, I mean besides his performance in Beetlejuice or that hot Yoga Wife he keeps impregnating, but Ireland is still on the list and with efforts like this to just let her followers know what she's up to in selfie form, it's hard not to appreciate all she has to offer in that sheer enough top!

The child of two major celebs, most notably 80s goddess Kim Bassinger, she's pretty active on social media as everyone is, but luckily, her activity on there involves showing off her body!

I have no idea if she plans to act, or make music like the other celeb kids, maybe she'll just stick to the whole influencer thing, because it's this easy!

Here she is TWERKING!


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