Irina Kornia and her Crazy Eyes!

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Tex Hollywood - July 9, 2020

Her name is Irina Kornia and I only know her from seeing this shoot and her INSTAGRAM where I have learned some very important things about her like how crazy her grey or are those blue eyes are.

She seems to be Ukrainian, which is one of the hubs of these really beautiful, like stunningly beautiful models that are surfacing on instagram are from. I guess surviving communism makes for attractive babies assuming they didn't just kill off all the uglies during communism.

I actually like Globalization when it comes to models because it gives us a glimpse into other cultures, making it a cultural experience, plus girls from other places just have a different way of life, a different approach to content and it's far more interesting to see.

With technological advances and the iPhone being a strong enough camera to capture amazing images, it's time for the DIY influencers from other places to get rewarded proper because this girl is far more interesting than any of her American counterparts, plus she gets naked with ease, it's part of the hustle and for some reason it seems less shameless when it's not local! Not that I'd ever discourage women from doing nude artistic shoots, but you can tell when it's being done for clout rather than for a better life! So here's to a better life!


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