Is This Kate Upton Topless on That Horse?

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bill-swift - June 25, 2013

Talk about your ups and downs in regard to Kate Upton topless this past week. I'm not sure what to believe anymore, except for the sole fact that I badly want to see the world's reigning number one blonde bombshell topless and uncensored. Could this photo be it?

This appears to be an uncensored snapshot of the censored Kate Upton on a horse that was previously running on TMZ and now has disappeared. Why? I do not know? Is this a legit VLC screencap? I do not know. I feel like a caveman that has become unfrozen in the future and is befuddled by modern technology. Though make no mistake, that caveman still wants to see Kate Upton topless.

Egotastic! CSIers? Is this the real deal, finally? (And thank you by the way to everyone of you who bombarded our email with this photo.)

My apologies to yanking your chain on Kate this past week, or whatever Kate has you yanking. Enjoy.


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