Jess Davies Sextastic Topless Flash

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bill-swift - February 3, 2016

Me and Jess Davies have that special kind of modern relationship where I want to nibble desperately on her toes and spend a month working my way north while she wants to forget I keep writing her letters with crayon sketches of what happens over the course of that month. It's a cute kind of romance that would be amazing in an indie film. I hope to be played by a guy with amazing hair and an ironic hat. 

When Jessica Davies gets down to the business of stripping out of her clothes to reveal her righteous rack, you better be holding onto something tightly. No, not that. But sure, I can understand the instinct. Her hotness proceeds her. Or is that precedes? It's just everywhere and it's all to be revealed as she comes out of her little blue outfit designed just to get you in the calm state of mind before... blammo! She's something of an incredible woman. I think I'll use more burnt sienna in my next letter. I bet at some level she appreciates it. Just not the level at which I appreciate her stella funbags. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jess Davies