Jess Impiazzi Topless Bikini Striptease

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bill-swift - February 25, 2016

Jess Impiazzi isn't just another pretty face. She's a pretty face attached to a more than pretty lust inducing bit of body share strips down to a bare topless goodness in these tingle wonderful bit of visual wonderments of the British glamour model turned reality TV starlet. 

Jess' striptease reminds us that good things come in simple packages. You don't need lots of fabricated sets or production value or props or themes to make a pictorial memorably epic. Just one fine looking female with big happy mammaries and a penchant for smiling whilst stripping out of her bikini. Jess does that more than well. Think of it as birthday cake. You've probably had a ton of them. But you maybe remember only one or two. Jess is that memorable cake. More figuratively than literally though kind of both. I bet she tastes sweet. That was also figurative and literal. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: NUerotica