Joanna Halpin Topless Piercing Hotness

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bill-swift - July 6, 2016

British model Joanna Halpin couldn't be more perfect if she tried. She's not even trying and she is, well, minus me being by her side holding the various pieces of clothing she removes to bare her sweet teats all kinds of topless and hot. Also, somebody with a steady hands needs to care for those nipple piercings. I'm not a huge fan of the metal, but my desire to buff Joanna's nipples would make up for any hesitancy on the hole through the lady parts front.

Featured in this Byrdie Mack photoshoot, Joanna exudes so much sextastic, your monitor might just melt. If only you had a means to quench the fire. A man never discusses his hosing options. Just know that it's a compliment to Joanna on her sweltering hot looks and ridiculously alluring body. Though I'd still make it your little secret. She seems like a good girl. The very best kind of naughty. I need an ice pack. Waiter! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Brydie Mack