Jocelyn Leather and Lace

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aldo-vallon - January 2, 2018

 The men who go home with Jocelyn probably have no idea what they are in for. She looks like the type of lady who has a closet full of "toys" that she enjoys revealing once it is too late for them to back out. As soon as a guy has a certain amount of blood flowing down south, his decision making skills become greatly hindered. 

If a girl were to ask me if I wanted to be tied up and beat with a cricket bat while I had a sober mind, the answer would be a definitive no. If Jocelyn were to ask me while I was in her bedroom, which I am certain already has the necessary equipment, I would say yes before I even knew what I was agreeing to. 

And I am sure Jocelyn enjoys playing the role of the dom. That girdle she is wearing has so many straps it might as well be a chastity belt. By the time anyone got it off of her, their erection would already have its picture on a milk carton.   


Jocelyn Binder Photographed by Dove Shore