Joey Fisher Topless Stripdown

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michael-garcia - September 30, 2016

Buxom brunette beauty Joey Fisher strips down out of her lingerie for our viewing pleasure. Joey is well-endowed, you might say. In fact, I would say. Her ta-tas are beyond the normal categories of big and small. They are a whole other thing entirely. These things are ginormous and they can barely be contained in the first place by the mere fabric of the sexy black lingerie she has on. So, she pulls out one and then the other, freeing them from their prison. I don't know how this girl stays upright. I imagine she is constantly falling forward with those puppies. Whatever the case I appreciate them for their aesthetic beauty and sheer loveliness. I would very much like to snuggle up to those bad boys after a night of passion and go to sleep.

Joey is on here a lot and that's because...well...look at her. Plus she is always taking off her clothes. What could be better? It's like Christmas all year long. 


Photo Credit: May Contain Girl