Jordy Murray in a Nude Shoot for Cody Simpson of the Day

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egoadmin - December 27, 2019

I hadn't heard of Jordy Murray until seeing these pics. I'm sort of bored of the out in the California Desert getting naked or half naked photoshoots that dominated instagram the last 4 or 5 years, because I know it's just an easy cop out. Sure the pics look good and I fucking love an airstream or a girl looking all naked in post apocalyptic hell...but I've just seen it so often that it gets repetitive. Same pic with a different girl but at least she's naked, because being naked sort of offsets that.

The fact remains that you can have a girl doing basically anything nude and it'd be worth looking at.

Anyway, Jordy Murray is a Playboy model, I am not sure if that has as much prestige as it once did, but Playboy is trying to make a post Hugh comeback with a millennial staff basically doing what instagram has been doing, while being inclusive and body positive, which is lame to me, but I guess works for them. So these images may get removed.

Through my extensive research, Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend named Cody Simpson who I literally read an article about while taking a shit this morning (the place where news happens) with her giving some advice of "date your best friend". As it turns out...her best friend...Cody Simpson was spotted with this one just three days ago.