Jordyn Jones’ Cheeky Halloween Costume!

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Echo Lawrence - October 28, 2020

Jordyn Jones is becoming a big star thanks to being hot on social media.

She recently put out what I think is her first music video, because prior to seeing that video, I had no idea she was doing that recording "artist" route, I really just thought she was a dancer who got sent to LA to dance. Which I guess is what popstars in this era are since the computers do the singing for them. She was actually a reality show child star at the age of 12 which is why she exists

She has clearly grown up and still living in LA doing it the right way. I know she isn't a household name yet and I don't know if she should be, but she does have a lot of followers who she consistently posts hot content to and that's the right thing to do.

Get it while you can, strike when it's hot, because there are a million people out there trying to steal her dream she's out here living!

This is her showing off her "sexy" Cowboy halloween costume the right way, you know since she's a content producer who understands how to get views and I do think it lives up to the "sexy" part of the costume, I mean there's just a lot of booty going on here and like my granny always said, you can't have Halloween without Booty.

Keep up the good work!



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