SI Model Joy Corrigan Bikini Nipple Slip During Photo Shoot In Miami

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bill-swift - June 20, 2016

When you peruse the pages of the various leer-worthy magazines, you see the extremely popular covered topless or arm bra poses of the hot bikini models teasing you with what lays just barely blocked from your eyesight. Those are the finished photos. Obviously when filming these lovely bits of teasing visual wonderments, the models have to move about and re-position and stretch and change their preening poses whilst without any top on. So, if you happen to be waltzing by a public beach shoot of this sort in Miami and pay close attention, you are quite likely to find yourself peeking at numerous nipples slips and topless style peek-a-boos.

Such was the case with sextastic Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Joy Corrigan under some gig assignment and standing knee deep in the South Florida waters as her arms dropped on occasion to reveal her perfect nipples and sweet teats to the morning sun. Not to mention our ever watchful gentleman ogling eyes. Quite a sight indeed. These are the moments you begin to weep as a Peeping Tom. At least I do. Happy tears. Somebody has to pay the emotional price for this blessed treasure hunt. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews