Julia Decker Super Hot Topless

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michael-garcia - October 12, 2016

Julia Decker shows off her goodies while hanging around naked in her house. You know, like you do. I like to believe that this is the way hot girls really live. They just spend their days in their apartments drinking beer topless. I know that if I were 1) a chick and 2) had a rack like Julia, I would walk around topless all the time. Her hooters are special because they are a great combination of big, perky, and pointy. They are definitely ample and look like they have nice bounce to them, but they also have slightly upturned nips that make me think that they are down to party. Her chichis, I mean. I bet Julia could wear a man out easily and still look amazing. She strikes me as one of those sexy hipster girls you meet at a party in an old warehouse. She directs you to her Instagram account when you ask what she does for a living. Instant follow. 

I wish I knew girls like Julia in real life and not just on the computer. Maybe I should start going to more of those Williamsburg hipster warehouse shindigs?

Photo Credit: Bob Sala