Julia LaCour Nude For Treats! Magazine

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aldo-vallon - July 17, 2017

I can only think of one thing more desirable than seeing Julia LaCour naked on a beach, and that would be seeing two of her. But the gods are cruel and did not bless the world with a twin, so it would seem I have to settle for her reflection in that mirror.  

Anyone looking for the definition of body perfection needs to look no further than the goddess in this gallery. Looking like a newly beached mermaid, she is making me want to jump aboard a ship and set sail in search of Atlantis. Any place that is home to a woman like that is exactly the kind of place that I want to be, not that I could make it past the doorman, but a fool can try.  

The abdominals on this broad should not be possible and yet here is the living proof that they are. A sushi chef could use her tummy as a cutting board, and I would volunteer to eat off it. She has single handedly raised the bar of what I consider my already unrealistic expectations. And for that, I think she owes the world an apology.

Photo Credit: Kesler Tran / Treats! Magazine