Julia Veilex Boobs on the Beach!

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Tex Hollywood - April 7, 2020

Julia Veilex is an IMG model, which is a premiere agency, so she is legit. I know that it is a very confusing time for all of us, not because of the COVID crisis but in terms of categorizing models / nude models.

SO MANY GIRLS get naked in photoshoots on the regular, that it could be the grocery store clerk burning off steam sharing her nude selfies, or it could be the next Em Rata trying to breakout in a viral nude video, or it could be someone working in sex work in whatever capacity, or it could be a famous person.

I guess social media has reduced the level of "exclusivity" to something everyone should be doing and emailing my way.

So this shoot is fun, because clearly people aren't spending too much time at beaches, the idea of travel is unknown, so it's officially aspirational. Plus the model looks amazing!


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