July Cybergirl Of The Month Brittney Shumaker Goes Night Swimming

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bill-swift - August 1, 2015

Britney Shumaker is amazing. Seriously, she looks like she was constructed in a lab by sexy scientists to turn us on. She starts out in these pics wearing a black swimsuit in some kind of firelit indoor swimming pool. She soon starts to slip the swimsuit off, first showing her ginormous boobage. Seriously, if someone were to spend too much time motorboating those boys they would get serious neck pain. She finishes stripping and is in her full glory. You can even see her garden of Earthly delights. But her booty is what most impressed me. It is breathtaking, y'all. It's like a couple of perfectly round flesh mounds. Oh, how I would love to wake up next to that butt and snuggle in for warmth.

I'm not sure what kind of Eyes Wide Shut style mansion this photoshoot is happening but I want to go. I'll bring my own mask and cape. 

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus