Kara Del Toro Gets Her Booty Eaten!

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Echo Lawrence - May 27, 2020

Kara Del Toro is probably best known for her work on Instagram, she's basically an instagram model or influencer, or whatever you like to call girls who have gone viral because of their hot half naked bikini pics or other fun lifestyle shots to remind us that their lives are better than ours, or at least seemingly better than ours based on their curation skills.

She's got this great body, seems like a lot of fun, and why wouldn't you be when life is basically summer vacation.

In this clip, you will see her demonstrating the right kind of social distancing as she gets attacked by a land shark, or is that a land crocodile, or maybe it's just her friend who understands how to take things viral because we like girls biting each other's asses for entertainment purposes. This is as high concept as things need to be!


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