Karina Avakyan Nude for Verano

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rusty-mattis - August 22, 2017

You gotta admit that Karina Avakyan kind of sounds like the name of a goddess.  After seeing these nude pics of Karina Avakyan I think she might actually be a goddess and someone we should consider worshiping. I'm not looking to trample on anyone's religion, so let's not even go down that road. All I'm trying to get out there is that Karina Avakyan has the name and the super sexy body, and that if we were living in the days of old (or in Game of Thrones) we'd probably believe she had some kind of powers. Like we would sit on a rock by the side of the road and then Karina Avakyan's naked body would appear to us and give a quest. We'd go off and do it, of course. You don't say no when a nude Karina appears to you, she's like a goddess. I gotta tell you, I'd probably still do anything a nude Karina Avakyan asked me to do. Goddess or not, she's the kind of girl you don't mind doing stuff for. I'm all about loving what you want to love, believing what you want to believe, and admiring a super sexy naked woman like Karina Avakyan. As long as we can all agree to that, we'll be just fine. Not as fine as Karina Avakyan naked, but still fine.

Photo Credit: Verano