Kasia Struss And Maaike Klaasen Topless For Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

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bill-swift - November 17, 2015

Most dystopian novels and movies kind of tread and re-tread over the same old ground. Yeah we get it. Guys in overcoats are serving underlords in god forsaken places and old license plates and vintage records are lying around. But not in the post apocalyptic world imagined by famed celebrity photographer Ellen von Unwerth who gets models Kasia Struss And Maaike Klaasen all muddied and mucked up and topless and sends them into various stage of life after crisis depictions.

I'm not sure this is what life will look like after the big explosion or what have you, I only know seeing Kasia and Maaike topless sweet things running about the urbanscape makes me want to build a more fortified underground bunker. Right now, I just have my tool shed and it's pretty flimsy and filled with spiders that scare me. I need to clear that sucker out, go deep, and prepare for the day I'll emerge from my cocoon as the only man on the planet surrounded by hot topless chicks playing games with shopping carts. Nobody should really root for the end of days, but I am kind of a little now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ellen von Unwerth