Kate Middleton Almost Upskirts Coming Off the Plane With Her Long Legs in New Zealand

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

Oh, here I done signed a pledge just last week to show no celebrity kids, not even the future king of England kid, and the delightfully regal hottie Kate Middleton gets her skirt blow up by the breeze whilst holding said child. Hence, pixillation on the blown up images. My word is my bond and all that. As is Kate Middleton's unspoken promise to be the hottest royal in the past 400 years or so of British rule.

This isn't the first time Kate's let her skirts fly up on the tarmac when visiting foreign lands as one of the most desirable diplomats to have land on your shore. She certainly is looking more than splendidly leggy and hot since entering the MILF category. I'd certainly let her be my princess in our roleplaying games we could revel in while her husband is off on his mysterious polo playing overnighters. But, for now, I'd just like to thank the wind which has given us its blessing on numerous occasions this day. Enjoy.