Kate Moss Shows Off Painted Nipples

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bill-swift - March 18, 2015

Kate Moss shows off her perky painted nipples for an arty shoot for W Magazine. The legendary professional hot person looked weird but sexy. I do appreciate a good arty shoot, especially if there are nekkid boobies involved. I've been a fan of Kate Moss since back in the day when she was first supermodeling when I was in high school. Back then, I would wait for bated breath for her to show her perkies in the Victoria's Secret catalog. It was a dark time before the Internet, my friends. But we appreciated the sexy pics we did get. I know that makes me sound old but we appreciated our spank materials more than kids do today.

I would have cut off my pinky toe for a site like Ego back in the day. God bless the progress of technology.

Photo Credit: Paolo Roversi For W Magazine