Kate’s Poker Adventure!

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Tex Hollywood - November 19, 2020

Her name is KATE and you can follow her on INSTAGRAM . She seems to be Russian based and naked or half naked all the time. The nice thing about these Russian models is that they are all built hot. I like to think Communism killed off the uglies, you know how workcamps go, but that's just my theory, since so many Russian women on the social media channels are hot. It could definitely be less about killing off the uglies and more about how easy it is to monetize the nudes these days, so girls who would otherwise work normal jobs, make 100s of times more just being hot online for their fans!

I like to think Kate is being hot for her fans, but she may be a little too extreme for some of you. I am pretty sure I see a tampon string, which is not the most favored prop in a nude shoot and not even because we hate periods, periods allow us to know the women we are with aren't granny aged yet! Fertility man, it's hot.

I also think there's some hairy legs going on, so this is probably more contrived feminism, trying to get in on the feminism, with the period pride, but real feminists free bleed and make art out of things, they don't use actual tampons, those cause toxic shock and are unnatural.

Despite the tampon, the hairy legs, the lack of make-up and the messaging of those things Kate's still great, just confusing, I mean her vagina is bald, her legs hairy, her tampon in for period empowerment, but the tampon is the devil to period activism, it's all so confusing, but still worth checking out!



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