Kathleen Sorbara Topless in the City

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brian-mcgee - October 6, 2017

One of the best pairs of breasts I've seen in some time belongs to the gorgeous Kathleen Sorbara. She's got a seriously amazing set of suck sacks and I especially love the pictures from this photo set that feature them in profile. Seeing Kathleen Sorbara's breast from the side is the hottest thing you'll see today, guaranteed!

Part of me feels disappointed in the fact that she's clearly a hipster chick, which means she's probably dating some guy who rides a penny-farthing and has two tattoos of Estelle Getty, only one of which he got ironically. She's definitely a hot ass child in the city, though, as the androgynous Nick Gilder once told us all about. She's all of these things mentioned in this song, she's dangerous, she's running wild and lookin' pretty.

I recommend hitting play on this 70s rock classic and just letting the images of Kathleen Sorbara's incredible breasts wash over you. And then make sure once they washed over you that you wash up. You have a job interview later, you don't want to be late for that like you were for your interview at the car wash.

Images via Matthew Comer