Keira Knightley Latest Smoking Hot Topless Scene From “Colette”

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aldo-vallon - December 6, 2018

I do not think I ever experienced a greater disappointment in my life than the time I found out that Keira Knightly, Ms. Swann of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, had her cleavage drawn on for the movies. At that point in my life I was already aware of push-up bras and cup stuffing, but I had no idea they could just draw bigger boobs onto a person.

What is so devastating is that I would have been happy with Keira’s little bitty ones if only they had been honest from the get-go. But because of their deceit I only felt betrayed, and I have carried those trust issues on into every relationship I’ve ever been in.

It is only now, after I have had countless hours of therapy, that I can appreciate Keira for what she actually has. I have forgiven her, and I think you all should as well. It probably wasn’t even her decision in the first place. She was just a pawn in the game at that point, and some bigshot didn’t think a movie could sell without a busty pair of rum barrels.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin