Keira Knightley Used A Body Double In ‘The Aftermath’ So Here Are Her ACTUAL Nudes

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earl-jonas - July 1, 2019


Et tu, Keira Knightley? Britain's snarkiest starlet recently starred in the sweeping historical romance The Aftermath, now available to rent or own on all of your favorite streaming platforms. However for the flick's most romantic scene - a sex sesh with Alexander Skarsgård - she actually enlisted a body double. This is very disappointing considering that Keira has a great RACK record for nudity. Like, the girl couldn't keep her top on in the 2000s. Believe it or not, she's only thirty-four-years-old, so her reason for staying clothed in The Aftermath can't be gravity-related. She just hates us.



No matter. We've rounded up Keira Knightley's hottest actual nude shots in celebration of, well, absolutely nothing. It's a three-day work week. Don't expect the world from me.

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Photo Credit: Mr. Skin