Kelsea Ballerini in her Cowgirl Swim Outfit!

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Tex Hollywood - October 21, 2020

Kelsea Ballerini is a Knoxville, Tenneessee born country star who moved to Nashville at 15 to take on the world of Country. She's now 27 and bring a whole new spin on country, with a cow print swimsuit, hat and boots in the desert somewhere!

There is a huge country revival, not that it ever really went anywhere, but those country haters who would say "anything but country" as a response to "what music do you like?" have decided that Americana and country is cool thanks to Miley, Dolly, Billy Ray, Diplo and Little Nas X.

You can't blame people for being into what is popular and looking down on country music despite how good it can be and how rich the history is, but you can hope that girls as hot as Kelsea Ballerini help open their eyes to how great country can be. I mean, sign me up and let me get my Rhinestone cowboy shirt and boots on to fully appreciate this moment.


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