Kendall Jenner Nips at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

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brian-mcgee - September 14, 2017

If you found yourself thinking recently, "Lemme see them nips," first things first, I worry about you. Secondly, here come them nips courtesy of Kendall Jenner.

I often find myself thinking "Lemme see them nips" as I doze off on the couch watching Golden Girls. I never said my habits weren't pathetic. Anyway, now you can think "Lemme see them nips" and viola, you've got nips from Kendall Jenner comin at ya. What a world we live in. Who would've ever thought that just thinking "Lemme see them nips" might lead to instant gratification. Usually it took a woman with horrendous self esteem to achieve such a quick turnaround.

Anyway, what a time to be alive and all that. It's exciting days when you can just think, apropos of nothing, "Lemme see them nips" and Kendall Jenner will waltz into the back half of your day and put them nips on display. Now, back to what I was doing a minute ago which was, not coincidentally, enjoying a box of cheese nips. Sometimes the universe is funny that way. 

Photo Credit: Splash News