Kera Lester Strips Au Natural Naked Down During Sunset

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bill-swift - June 25, 2015

Beautiful au natural models without clothes out in nature is my new favorite visual wonderment meme. It reminds of all the hot naked models I never ever see when I take my occasional trip into the not-city. But it's always how I'd like to imagine a travel off the main roads. Just a sanctuary of fruited plains and wicked hot lithesome models like Kera Lester stripped out of her clothes.

I could watch Kera Lester butcher chickens and I'd still be quite aroused. I'm not saying that to be cute, just honest. She's got all the makings of the girl of my dreams, right down to that overbite which sends me into a catatonic dreamscape of happy thoughts for at least thirty minutes at a time. That dreamscape is not yet rated, but trust me when I say it would have to be heavily edited just to get down to an NC-17 rating. Oh, Kera, let's get naked and make daisy necklaces and talk about the farm we'll have one day with the hay loft where we make many babies. We can do this all in about five minutes. I don't want to break up your entire day. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Gregory Cecil