Kim Do-hee Topless In ‘ What a Good Secretary Wants’

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michael-garcia - September 26, 2016

Kim Do-Hee gets naked in the sexy Korean movie What A Good Secretary Wants. In it she plays a young receptionist that falls into a torrid sexual affair with her boss. You know, like you do. This movie looks hot as F. You get that just from the trailer or the movie synopsis but these pics really bring it home. You not only see Kim's incredible rack but you also see her co-star going downtown on her. It's more graphic than any mainstream movie would be in the U.S. which is a damn shame. We could learn to be less prudish from our friends in South Korea. I have a deep seated love of Korean girls. I dated a couple back in my day and I can tell you that there is nothing like a girl who can do it like a champ and then make you bulgogi. But I digress.

I hope this movie comes out here in the States. Sure, I can see it online but I want to see Kim getting oral pleasures on the big screen. 


Photo Credit: 'What A Good Secretary Wants'