Kim Kardashian Nekkid, Because Sometimes More Kim Is a Good Thing

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bill-swift - April 26, 2012

(Thank you to EgoReader 'Darwin' and to a brave Spanish magazine for running this photo outtake from Kim's classic Playboy photo set.)

For all the talk about Kim Kardashian being a phony, or a dummy, or a heartless money-hungry pimping machine, there's one thing we can not deny about Kim that we do love -- checking her out. And checking her out nekkid is really a thousand times better than any other form of checking out. That body, those jugs, that.... well, that was it. But it's huge. And for all the negatives, no reasonable man can assert that you might also be willing to pretend marry Kim if you got to spend some time rolling around in high-thread count satin sheets with the brunette minx. You know she's not a shy girl.

Are we really stooping so low as to state that we're okay with all of Kim Kardashian's behavior and lesser qualities simply because she looks great nekkid? Yes. Yes we are. Enjoy.