Kira Kosarin at Golden Hour!

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Tex Hollywood - November 12, 2020

Kira Kosarin is an ex TV superhero who has a new single out in December.

I know when you hear the word "Superhero" you get triggered because you love the comics, but her superhero was on a Nickelodeon show called The Thundermans, that you probably shouldn't know exists in the event you know it exists.

Like other young starlets, she's gone into music. It's a massive trend that everyone of these young actors needs to release their own songs. I assume it is in part to do with music making more money than acting, but also because making music is easier than ever with all that technology. I have a feeling I could release a single and I can't sing for shit, but the computer can probably easily change that.

What I am saying is that I don't have much hope for her single, but I do appreciate the build up in her marketing materials, like this aggressive cleavage shot at "Golden Hour". She's doing Babe things!


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