Kristen Rain Butt Naked For Gosee Magazine

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2016

Kristen Rain lost all of her clothes for Gosee Magazine. Kristen starts off in a sheer body stocking thing with nothing underneath, like the demure lady that she is. She then gets topless and things get really interesting. Sweet Lord almighty but Kristen has a glorious pair of ta-tas. They are large, pendulous but in the good way, with large delicious nipples. But then she takes the rest of it off and it gets even better. Her booty is something to write home about, if you discuss awesome butts with your mom. Who doesn't? We also see her crotchecological area in all of its glory. Oh, happy day.

Kristen is the kind of girl that makes you believe again that life is worth it. Better living through chichis. 


Photo Credit: Gosee Magazine