Kristie Taylor Is Your Naked Shorn and Shaved Playboy Cybergirl for May

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bill-swift - May 11, 2016

Playboy's Cybergirl for the month of May has been chosen. Kind of like in the Hunger Games but more smiles and a ton more skin showing. Kristie Taylor is simply naked, simply hot, and simply blowing my mind with the full birthday suit of smooth bare skin and all the fun lady parts it covers or exposes. The words "yum yum Daddy must have" come to mind. I knew you wouldn't like me when I'm honest. 

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Kristie is one of those spellbinding brunettes you imagining falling in lust with and just waiting for the moment she leaves you broken and with nothing save your best friend who consoles you with a beer even while thinking to himself, I told you so. Still entirely worth it. Nobody lays on their deathbed wishing they'd have more steady and predictably boring relationships. Your head will recover from the lamp assault. Just think of the memories. Oh, my. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus