Kristina Peric Topless Natural Hotness By The Pool For Treats!

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bill-swift - April 22, 2015

For those who may have seen Kristina Peric, the beauty of Belgrade, in her photo tryouts for SI, well, today is an even more splendid blessing. Kristina now appears quite devastatingly topless by the pool in this brilliantly boobtastic David Benoliel shoot for Treats magazine, purveyor of all things fine female form without clothing.

Kristina has that hot worldly model look which considering she's just a late teen means she's going places. When she removes her top to reveal her au natural natties and a whole lot of hot bodied perfection, one of those places is definitely going to be the storage locker in your libido. The tug vault as the kids used to call it. Kristina is just one amazingly sextastic woman willing to share the bounty that is her body. I can think of no more benevolent act available to our species. I'll keep thinking while I keep staring. This is ogle worth to the finest degree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Benoliel For Treats!