Kym Graham Topless In White Lingerie

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bill-swift - June 21, 2017

Kym Graham provides the perfect amount of boobtastic diversion in the work day, or what I like to call a work day as it confuses my detractors, largely my family members. 

The busty British blonde striptease perfectionist always begins in some kind of slinky or tight dress, which ultimately seems like a wasted fifteen minutes slipping into so purposefully, since the next hour will be spent without it on. That's the nature of the sextastic glamour model divine bosom blessed hottie. Clothes must be present, but never worn for too long.

Kym helps to remind us that whatever ails us can almost always be solved in part or whole by the presence of two comforting and bouncy funbags bare above stockings. I can hardly remember why I was so cranky this morning leering into Kym's healthy mams. A panacea indeed. And she never runs out. Bless you, nurse. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Only Tease